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Burning Man 2005

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Black Rock City 2005 from Space


Indochina 2004-2005

Minty, future campalician, in Bangkok.

Dav's Photos, Videos and Panoramas
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Minty's Photos: 1 2 3
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Halloween 2004

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Love Parade SF 2004

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Burning Man 2004

Note: for the snapfish albums, you can use
'bman@dodgeit.com' as the login and
'blackrock' as the password.

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Not Campalicious, but great photos from SF burner/photog:
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Superheroes & Superfreaks

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MadHats 5


Sea of Dreams NYE 2003

party toni


Burning Man 2003


Sea of Dreams 2002/2003

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Burning Man 2002
campalicious 2002 group photo

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campalicious 2002 group photo


Burning Man 2001
campalicious 2001 group photo
(click photo for fullsize)

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Decompression Party Photos

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Are there naked images of you on the Internet?
Maybe, but it'll be hard to pick yourself out.

NEW: For those San Francisco campalicious folk with cellphones or pagers that accept text messaging, I've set up a UPOC group.

UPOC SF Campalicious

If you sign up, you can send and receive short text messages to everyone else in the group. Useful if you stumble across a happening event on a weekend night, no?


Burning Man 2000
campalicious group photo

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